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Thank you so much for stopping by our blog.  We are an independently owned professional blog specializing in Black hair care and beauty.

Black Hair Care

Join us on a hair journey as we go over the tips, tricks and secrets that will give you great healthy results on your hair journey.  We will share information we have learned over the years that helps you reach your hair journey goals.  We encourage all hair types to join in the conversation and share with others their own personal hair goals and accomplishments.  Do you wear your natural hair texture? Are you transitioning? Are you relaxed? Are you texlaxed?  Wherever you are in your hair journey, we want to hear from you.  Join in the conversation and share your thoughts.

Black Hair Care

Black Makeup Tips

Do you have a hard time finding makeup that matches you skin tone?  Do you have a hard time finding a place that reviews makeup colors made for darker skin tones?  If your answer is yes then we completely understand what you have been going through.  We showcase makeup products that are made for darker skin tones.  YouTube has been a great resource from seeing how a product performs on darker skin but, in many cases, its is hard to get an accurate representation of what the color actually looks like.  This is because people recording footage are not taking the extra technical steps to ensure that the colors in their video and pictures are reproduced accurately.  This is what makes LongHairPrettyNails.com different! We take the proper steps to show you exactly what the product looks like.  This is extremely important when reviewing products.  We want our readers to be able to truly see what will work for them!

black makeup tips

3D Acrylic Nail Art Tutorials!

Nail art has evolved so much over the years.  Unfortunately, so has the cost of getting your nails done!  This has spawned a subset of people that are interested in being able to do your own nails and, most importantly, to have them last!  We show you the steps to get you to the nails of your dreams.  No more boring single-color uninspired nails!  Welcome to the world of 3D Acrylic Nails Art.

Now, i’ll admit, 3D nails art can be an acquired taste.  Many people just go completely over-the-top with it and it can turn many people off.  This is where we are different!  We bridge the gap by focusing on a more subtle type of design.  We will show you how to make 3D designs with actual acrylic!  This is much different from the 3D artist that just glue charms on your nails.  These types of designs are often too bulky and never last a week without something falling off the nails.  Remember, we want these to last!  So, if you are interested in taking your nails to the next level,  then check out our tutorials!  Remember to stick with it.  It will take some practice but if you stick with it, you will be a 3D nail artist in no time at all!

3D acrylic nail art