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Acrylic Overlay – Short Square Glitter Nails

Acrylic Overlay Acrylic Overlay This designs was done using “Pixie Pink” nude acrylic powder that I finally received for Nuni Torres. I hadn’t really got into details about my last order. What an ordeal it was! Well you all know that I am a huge fan of his work. I also love his nude acrylic powders. He doesn’t sell them all the time. More like 2-3 times a year. So when ever I see that he is selling them, I immediately place an order. I order 2 nude acrylic powders from him; “Pixie Pink” and “Cover Me Nude”. I paid $25 each plus $3 shipping for each bottle. Ridiculous, I know. So two weeks after sending him $59 via paypal. I hadn’t heard anything. Another two weeks go by and still nothing. My text messages, emails, dm’s, everything kept going unanswered. He request that payment is sent through paypal as “friends and family” so he doesn’t have to pay the fees. Which I can understand. I payed that way last time and received my order in a timely manner. So, because I sent the payment that way, I couldn’t dispute the charges! I was finally able to get a response from Nuni two months after placing my order. He informed me that all the packages where shipped out the week before. So, what it looks like to me is he accepts orders and them ships them all that the same time. I mean, he could at informed me of that.

This whole ordeal motivated me to create my own custom pink nude acrylic for a fraction of the cost.

Anyway, since I paid for these powders I decided to try them out.

Products used to create this design:

I soaked my previous set off and instead of cutting off my natural nails like I always do, I decided to use the “Pixie Pink” nude and do an acrylic overlay over my natural nails. This technique gives you a very slim and natural shape. I wanted to take a break from the bulkiness of long nails.

Honestly the “Pixie Pink” acrylic powder is not worth what I paid. I was expecting it to have more glitter in it. I ended up putting a glitter polish over it to give me more of the glittery look I was going for. Also, the color wasn’t doing much for me. Not pink enough at all in my opinion. Using my custom blend acrylic would have looked a lot better. But the Sinful Color polish helped greatly. I must say that I love the shape of them. They’re the perfect natural square shape.

I used Beauty Secrets clear acrylic powder to adhere the gold charms and various sized rhinestones for a little embellishment.

Acrylic Overlay

Let me know what you think about the acrylic overlay set. And if you want a beautiful nude color for a fraction of the price of Nuni’s click here.

Acrylic Overlay – Short Square Glitter Nails


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