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Christmas Glitter Nails – LongHairPrettyNails

I have been so busy this Holiday season that I haven’t set time aside for my nails. I received another package in the mail from Born Pretty Store that included some gorgeous nail treats and a few Christmas themed nail art items. So, I decided to try them out. I came up with this Christmas Glitter nails with red and gold glitter tips.

Christmas Glitter Nails

Products used for this design:

  • Nails Forms
  • No-lift Nail Primer
  • No-lift Acrylic Liquid
  • LongHairPrettyNails Pink Nude Acrylic
  • Beauty Secret’s Clear Acrylic Powder
  • Red Glitter Born Pretty Store (use CVEK31 10% off code)
  • Gold Star nail art Born Pretty Store (use CVEK31 10% off code)
  • A/b Czech crystal rhinestones
  • Red Rhinestones
  • Pink Gellac Ultra Shine Gel Top Coat
  • IBD Soak off Builder Gel
  • UV/LED nail lamp

For these Christmas Glitter Nails, I opted for sculpture nails this time instead of using nail tips. A sculptured nail is when a nail form (usually made of paper and is disposable) is used to create the nail extension. I wanted to be able to really shape the c-curve of the nail and this is best achieved with sculpted nails. I used LongHairPrettyNails Pink Nude Acrylic for the base color of the nails.

Christmas Glitter Nails

For the glitter tips I applied a thin layer of Beauty Secrets Clear Acrylic Powder mixed with red glitter (from Born Pretty Store). Before the glitter mixed dried, I applied the small gold stars from Born Pretty’s Christmas decoration wheel on to the tip. I then encapsulated the entire nail tip with clear acrylic powder.

Christmas Glitter Nails Christmas Glitter Nails Christmas Glitter Nails

I used nail tweezers from Born Pretty Store to gently pinch the sides of the nail to form a deeper c-curve before the acrylic completely hardened.

Christmas Glitter Nails xmasnails.Still002 (2)

Next I filed, shaped, and buffed the nails. Then I applied the Pink Gellac Ultra Shine Gel top coat. I cured it in my UV/LED nail lamp for 120 seconds.

Christmas Glitter Nails Christmas Glitter Nails

Next, I placed a small amount of the IBD soak off builder gel to my nails and used that to adhere my rhinestones. After all of the stones were placed to my liking, I cured for 120 seconds.

Christmas Glitter Nails Christmas Glitter Nails Christmas Glitter Nails

IMG_1302 (1)


And that’s it. A fairly simple but elegant Christmas Glitter Nails nails. I love the simplicity of this design with a hint of bling lol. Tell me your thoughts below!!

Christmas Glitter Nails – LongHairPrettyNails

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