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Crystal Pink Acrylic Nails with 3D Flowers

Crystal Pink Acrylic Nails

This design was not planned but I love the way it turned out. While in Sally’s restocking on my nail supplies, I came across Beauty Secret acrylic powder in color extreme pink. I had used the regular pink before and had planned on just repurchasing that. But I’m a sucker for really pink acrylics and I was extremely curious to see how pink the color was, so I bought this color instead. I was surprisingly impressed. As I stated, I have used the Beauty Secret’s powder before and it was ok, but nothing to rave about. However, this must be a reformulation because the quality is so much better than before. This powder is extremely easy to use and is not as loose and runny as it had been in the past when I used this brand. The only con is I was expecting a more opaque pink color. It’s way clearer than I expected but it still turned out super gorgeous!

Products used to create this design:

As always, I start off with properly prepped natural nails. I soaked off my previous set of nails in acetone. Then I trimmed my natural nails, gently removed the shine, and applied No-Lift Nails primer. I used nail forms to sculpt my acrylic nails. I prefer to use nail forms instead of nail tips because I think you get a more natural, slimmer shaped nail with nail forms. A pet peeve of mine is extra wide acrylic nails!

Crystal Pink Acrylic Nails

After I’m done sculpting the nail. I file, shape, and buff the nails. Then I work on my 3D acrylic flowers. Crystal Pink Acrylic Nails Crystal Pink Acrylic Nails Crystal Pink Acrylic Nails

Next, I applied a few clear rhinestones just for a little bling lol. Crystal Pink Acrylic Nails

Finally I applied my top coat, which is the Seche Vite top coat. I didn’t apply this so the flowers. I like them to look “dry”. Crystal Pink Acrylic Nails

Let me know what you think about this crystal pink nail design. Leave your thoughts below!Crystal Pink Acrylic Nails Crystal Pink Acrylic Nails

Crystal Pink Acrylic Nails with 3D Flowers

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