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DIY Testing Dip Powder Nail Kit from Walmart

In this video I’m testing out the Color Club Serendipity Dip Powder Starter Kit from Walmart. This kit comes with three acrylic dip powders, Bonding gloss, activator, and a brush cleaner. Check out the video to see my experience and hear my final thoughts.

Products Used:
Dip Powder Kit
Nail Tips
Nail Glue
Nail tip cutter
Cutile Oil (you have to DM her to purchase)

Mikey Geiger – I Love Lamp
Yung Koolaid – In the lab
Alterego – Tipsy
Alterego – Henny

1 thought on “DIY Testing Dip Powder Nail Kit from Walmart

  1. Hi Evie, my name is Nancy and just want to say how much I love your videos. They have helped me while becoming a self taught nail tech. Thank you for your talent and sharing that with the world. FYI I want to be like you when I grow up 😆

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