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Fake Nails at Home No Acrylic – LongHairPrettyNails

Fake Nails at Home No Acrylic. I love working with acrylic to create nail designs. The more intricate the better! However I know many people may not know how to apply acrylic or may not have the time to do a full set of nails. I’m going to show you how I create fake nails at home with no acrylic and achieve salon perfect results. Fake Nails at Home No Acrylic

For this nail design I used ECBasket Long Stiletto False Nails. These nails are made of good quality materials so they won’t bend and break easily. I love that these nails are pre-shaped into a stiletto shape so you don’t have to do a bunch of filing and shaping. This is a 500 piece set with 10 different sizes. Also it is super affordable at only $8.99. Fake Nails at Home No Acrylic

I start off with clean bare nails. I soaked off my previous acrylic nails. I’ve already prepped my natural nails by pushing back the cuticles and using my cuticle clean nail bit to remove dead skin from the nail plate. I used the 180 grit side of my Beauty Secret’s 100/180 grit nail file to light file the surface of each nail to remove the shine. 

Next I used IBD brush on nail glue. I applied the glue to the inside of the false nail then applied the false nail to my natural nails. I firmly pressed the nail in place for about 5 seconds. The IBD brush on glue dries really fast so that’s all it took. 

After all of the nails were applied, I lightly refined the stiletto shape using the 100 grit side of my nail file.  Fake Nails at Home No Acrylic

Then I painted my nails using the OPI Infinite Shine nail polish in color Silver on Ice. This polish applied very smooth and opaque. The metallic finish is really stunning. I applied two coats of this polish. 

After allowing the polish to dry completely, I applied a strip of the holographic striping tape from Naio Nails.


Next I applied Poochiez Nails Super Shine gel topcoat.

Before curing in my led lamp I applied Iridescent Crystals to the ring fingernail.

After curing in my Laguna Moon LED lamp for 60 seconds, this is the finished look.

The ECBasket stiletto false nails allows you to achieve the perfect acrylic look in less than 10 minutes.

Fake Nails at Home No Acrylic Fake Nails at Home No Acrylic

Fake Nails at Home No Acrylic – LongHairPrettyNails



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