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Halloween Nails w/ 3D Acrylic Art – LongHairPrettyNails

Halloween NailsI have been so in love with nude nails lately that I haven’t really been doing any complex nail art. I love crazy nail designs. I realized that I’ve never done a Halloween nail design before. So, I decided to see what I could come up with.

Products used to create this design:

I removed the aquarium nails from my previous design by soaking them in 100% acetone nail polish remover. I prepped my natural nail and applied a nail tip for added length. Then I applied the LongHairPrettyNails Pink Nude Acrylic Powder to the nail bed. Feathering the acrylic lightly towards the free edge so there would be no harsh lines.

Halloween Nails Next, I took a bead of Beauty Secret’s Clear Acrylic Powder then dipped in into the orange glitter mix from Born Pretty Store. I placed the glitter bead on the tip of the nail and lightly brushed it downwards to create a gradient effect. Halloween Nails I placed the Rose Gold Glitter just below the Orange Glitter and did the same technique.Halloween Nails Once everything was blended to my liking, I encapsulated the entire nail with Beauty Secret’s Clear Acrylic. Halloween Nails I incorporated the OPI nail polish into the design by cleverly covering up the white tips. I did a french tip on some nails and painted the entire nail on others. Halloween Nails Next, I use Orange Acrylic powder (purchased from Born Pretty Store) to create the pumkin. halloweenails.Still007 (1) I used an Xacto knife to make the indentations in the acrylic before if fully harded. I dipped the Xacto knife into the orange acrylic powder before doing this step. This keeps the knife from sticking to the acrylic. halloweenails.Still008 (1) I used Brown Acrylic powder, also purchased from Born Pretty Store, for the stem. halloweenails.Still009 (1) To create the ghost, I used Tammy Taylor Whitest White Acrylic powder. halloweenails.Still010 (1)

For the spider web, I used black acrylic nail art paint that I purchased from Sally’s Beauty Supply.halloweenails.Still011 (1) I used the same paint to create the face for the ghost and the pumpkin.halloweenails.Still012 (1) I received this tray and pen tool from Born Pretty Store. I love applying rhinestones to my nails, but I often have a difficult time placing the stones quick enough before the acrylic I use to adhere them, dries and harden. The tray keeps all of rhinestones organized. Mine had always found it’s way all over the place lol. The pen tool has wax on the tip which makes picking up the stones very easy. I was able to work quicker. That means I’ll be doing way more bling nail designs in the future!halloweenails.Still013 (1) halloweenails.Still014 (1) IMG_0971 (1)I’m really happy about how these turned out. Surprisingly, I received so many compliments on this set. What are your thoughts about these Halloween Nails? Share them below!

Halloween Nails w/ 3D Acrylic Art – LongHairPrettyNails

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