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Nail Drill Update

One the most frequently asked questions I get it is what nail drill do I use. I picked up this nail drill from Amazon and have been using it for 2 months now. Here I’ll share a little update on this nail drill and how I’m liking it so far.

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This nail drill has been working great so far. I like it more than the portable nail drill I was using mainly because it is much quieter and it doesn’t vibrate as much. I also love that it is fairly small so it doesn’t take up much space on my desk.

Nail Master Nail Drill

This Nail drill arrived from Amazon well packaged.
Unboxing Video:

Nail Drill Unboxing
Nail Drill Unboxing

Features includes forward/reverse option and foot pedal or hand piece option.

Forward/Reverse and Power switches
Choose between foot pedal or hand piece

I love the feel of the hand piece. It is made of metal and has a weighted feel but not too heavy.

Hand piece

Check out how I did the Bacon Nails.

Nail Drill in use

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  1. 15077 Is my order no. I am a fan, and this is the first time buying from you! I’m very anxious to get this order. Bc I love glitters♥️ I wish there was more selecting or an Xtra free PKG when u order 1st time buyers. My nail tech ALWAYS gets upset when I bring my own glitters, it’s like they don’t want to. I REALLY have to beg them, sometimes. They only like to do polish, no chip. I wish I could have u as my nail tech. My dominant hand is my right. And I cannot do with my left. It’s too hard! I LUV ur work! U R absolutely lovely. And appreciate that u have a site for us to buy! LUV Mz.Nora❤️♥️😍 I can’t wait for my order 😍

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