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Nail Transformation on 14 year old Gamer Girl

This nail design is a nail transformation of my 14 year old daughter. She’s a violinist and a gamer. And typically doesn’t get her nails done. She keeps her nails pretty short so we didn’t want to do anything too crazy. We decided to try out the new Orchid Chrome on her nails.

Products Used:

Cuticle Clean Bit
100/180 grit Nail Files
Nail Drill
Medium/Fine Buffer Block
Base Gel Polish
Poochiez Nails Super Shine gel topcoat 
Orchid Chrome Powder
48W Sun UV/LED Nail Lamp
Cuticle Rose Oil

Orchid Chrome Powder on Natural Nails

I start off by using a cuticle pusher to gently push back her cuticles.

Gently Push Back Cuticles

Next I using my nail drill on a low speed and the cuticle clean bit, I remove any remaining dead skin from the nails. This step is crucial because this allows the polish to last longer.

Cuticle Clean Bit

I then use a fine buffer block to remove the shine from the nails.

Buff the nails
Gel Base Polish

Next I apply a coat of gel base coat to each nail and cure in my nail lamp for 60 seconds.

Gel Base Coat

Then I apply the no wipe gel top coat. I’m using the Poochiez Nails Gel Top coat. No wipe top coat just means that there is no tacky layer once it’s cured. These are the type of gel top coats that are needed for chrome powder applications.

No Wipe Gel Top coat
No Wipe Gel Top coat

After curing the top coat for 60 seconds, I use a makeup applicator sponge to rub on the chrome powder.

Rub on Chrome Powder
Rub on Chrome Powder

Once the chrome powder is applied I lightly dust of the excess powder and seal in the powder with a finally layer of gel top coat.

Dust off excess Chrome Powder
Apply top coat to seal in Chrome Powder

After curing in the nail lamp for 60 seconds I used an alcohol wipe to remove the excess chrome powder.

Remove excess Chrome Powder with Alcohol wipe.

Chrome Powder can definitely be used on natural nails. I love how this turned out!

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