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Nail Transformation – The Most Amazing Ocean Blue Nail Art

Ocean Blue Nails – This nail art design is so mesmerizing. I love all of the shimmer and bling. I used Ocean Glitter and Crystals from the LHPN shop.

Products used to create this nail art design:

Nail Forms
Gelish Ph Bond
Harmony Pro Bond Nail Primer
ASP Bonding Acrylic Liquid (Monomer)
Clear Acrylic
Natural Pink
Ocean Glitter
100/180 grit Nail Files
Nail Drill
Medium grit Safety Bit
Medium/Fine Buffer Block
Nail Dust Collector
White Acrylic
Blue Acrylic
Poochiez Nails Super Shine gel topcoat 
Poochiez Bling Gel
Ocean Crystals
Crystal Katana Rhinestone Picker
48W Sun UV/LED Nail Lamp
Cuticle Rose Oil


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