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Outstanding Ideas Of Art Nails Designs

Outstanding Ideas Of Art Nails Designs


As you all know, I love experimenting with my nails. I like trying new nail designs and showing you the process of their creation. From glitter to pink nude nails; this is something that I really enjoy! I love having an outlet to show my creativity. But now I`d like to share my plans for future acrylic nail designs. Here I want to present the most outstanding nail designs of 2017 that I can’t wait to try soon. Of course, my little gallery consists of just acrylic nail art ideas, because let’s face it;  I love acrylic nails! And for those who don`t know why I prefer acrylic, I wish to share all the benefits of using this protective coating.


Benefits of acrylic nails:

  • you’ll get the nail coating that is stronger than gel nails that`s why it`ll protect your nails better;
  • you’ll get the perfect surface to paint colors and designs on;
  • you won’t spend a lot of money as acrylic is less expensive than gel nails;
  • in the case of damage, you always can repair them yourself.


Nothing can change my love for acrylic nails. I’ll stop talking now and let you look at some of the best nail art designs. 


Gorgeous Abstract Nails

Outstanding Ideas Of Art Nails Designs

Tender Turquoise Design

Outstanding Ideas Of Art Nails Designs

Amazing Orange-Silver Tips

Black White But So Versalite

Blue Glam Nail Art Idea

Posh Blending Nude, Black And Neon

Embellished Huge Bling Nails

Adorable Short Wine Red Art Nails

Creative Symbolic Nail Design

Elegant Pink-Black Nail Idea

Blue-Nude Nails With Silver Sequins

Spotted Coral – Spotted White

Awesome Matte Nails Of Two Main Colors

Gray Ombre With Floral Design

Best Blood Drip Halloween Nails

How do you find these nail art ideas? Have you chosen the design for your next mani?

Outstanding Ideas Of Art Nails Designs


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