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Pink Nude Nails with Glitter and 3D Flowers

Pink Nude Nails with GlitterThis Pink Nude Nails with Glitter and 3D flower design sort of just happened. I was going to do just a basic fill-in, but I received another package from Born Pretty Store which included some very pretty items. All the items were nice, but the glitters really stood out to me. So I just had to include them in my next design. Check out Born Pretty Store and use coupon code CVEK31 for 10% off your order.

Products used to create this design:

I prepped my nails by pushing back the cuticles and removing any dead skin. The I removed any lifting acrylic. Once that was done, I filled the ring finger nail on my left hand and the index finger nail on my right hand very low using my electric drill in preparation for the glitter acrylic. Pink Nude Nails with GlitterI filled in the nails using my all time favorite acrylic, Intense Pink, from @nunis_nails. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to find another cover pink once I run out because he only plans to sell them locally from now on. That’s a whole other issue, but if anyone knows of a great cover pink, let me know!Pink Nude Nails with GlitterI wanted to use some of the gorgeous glitter pots that I got from Born Pretty Store. I ended up using these two; a white iridescent and a silver glitter. I mixed the two in each of my glitter nails. To apply the glitter, I picked up a bead of clear acrylic and just dipped in into the glitter pot. I continued to do this until I got the desired amount of coverage of glitter. Then I applied a final layer of clear acrylic to encapsulate it and make it easier to file without losing any of the glitter.Pink Nude Nails with GlitterPink Nude Nails with GlitterPink Nude Nails with GlitterAfter that, I filled, buffed, and shaped the nails. Then I created the 3D flowers and added some rhinestones.Pink Nude Nails with Glitter Pink Nude Nails with Glitter Pink Nude Nails with GlitterLastly, I topped off this design with 2 coats of Seche Vite Top Coat.

Pink Nude Nails with GlitterI love this design because it incorporates my favorites design elements, pink nude acrylic, glitter, and of course, 3D acrylic art. Do you like this design? Tell me your thoughts below!

Pink Nude Nails with Glitter and 3D Flowers

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