Gershion PolyGel Kit


Gershion Acry poly nail Gel is an amazingly easy product to use and is a great alternative to both Gel and Acrylic. AcryGel can be easily manipulated into any shape you wish and you won’t be rushing against setting times or chasing runny gel around the nail.

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Instructions: Prep your nail by buffing, pushing the cuticle back and applying dehydrator. Apply a thin and even layer of Gershion Base Coat and cure. Squeeze the required amount of Acry poly nail Gel from the tube, slice off the product with a gel spatula and apply to the nail.

Easy to used: Using a brush dampened with Gel Residue Wipe Off Solution pat the product into the shape and place desired. Cure for 30-60s in LED/ 2 mins UV. Refine the shape with a file, remove any dust and then apply a thin, even coat of Gershion Base Top Coat.

Removal: Soak a lint free pad in Pure Acetone, place on top on nail and use Soak Off Finger Clips to attach it to the nail. Leave to soak for 10-15 minutes. Remove clips and use an Orange Wood Stick or cuticle pusher to gently remove the Acry Poly Nail Gel from the nail.

Gershion unique formula delivers super strong and flexible nails that you can count on. Once applied, the gel is light on your nails and stronger than other gels. If you enjoy changing your polish like you change your underwear, no problem. You can apply a regular polish over Gershion NailGel and change the color of your polish. Removing polish with acetone will not damage or compromise the NailGel.