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The Best UV LED Nail Lamp? SUN UV/LED 48 Watt Nail Lamp Review 1 year Update

My Favorite LED Nail Lamp – 1 year Update. I get questions all the time about nail lamp recommendations. I want to do an update on my favorite nail lamp, the SUN UV/LED 48 watt nail lamp. I’ve had this lamp for a little over a year and it has been working great.

SUN UV/LED Nail Lamp
Pink and White Ombre Nails
Holographic Chrome Powder
Silicone Tool

Sun UV/LED 48 Watt Nail Lamp

It has some great features. There’s a 10, 30, 60, and 99 second timer. This nail lamp has a low heat option which comes in handy for limiting heat spikes in builder gel applications. I also love that it cures both UV and LED gels.

Nail Lamp Features

My favorite feature is the sensors that automatically power the nail lamp on when you place your hand inside.

auto-sensor for on/off without pressing any keys
SUN UV/LED 48 Watt Nail Lamp

Neptune Beach
Mikey Geiger